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Prevent Package Theft: Why Home Security System Can Do It Very Well?

by Wuuk Labs 30 Oct 2023

The sight of an empty front porch where a delivered package used to be can ruin anyone's day. According to an analysis done by Safewise, 260 million delivered packages were stolen in 2022, up from 210 million packages the year before. That staggering number amounts to an average of 79% of Americans were victims of porch pirates last year

Package theft has become rampant across neighborhoods in the US. With online shopping on the rise and deliveries more frequent than ever, thieves are on the prowl for unattended parcels on doorsteps. They brazenly swipe packages in broad daylight, often just minutes after delivery. Understandably, victims feel violated and frustrated when deliveries they eagerly awaited go missing.

While package theft is enormously inconvenient, it can also cause serious financial loss. With today's technology, home security systems provide reliable protection against porch pirates. Let's explore expert tips on preventing package theft and how home security offers a practical solution.

WUUK wireless outdoor camera installed on the tree

Expert Tips on Preventing Package Theft

As package theft rises, prudent homeowners can take proactive measures to thwart thieves and protect their deliveries. Consider implementing the following expert-recommended techniques:

  • Get acquainted with delivery personnel: Introduce yourself to the regular postal carrier and delivery drivers that frequent your area. Notify them of the times you are typically available at home to receive parcels personally. Request that they ring the doorbell when dropping off a package that does not mandate a signature, to alert you of its arrival.
  • Redirect parcels: Have packages delivered to your workplace address instead of home. This ensures the packages will be signed for and kept secure during working hours. Alternatively, send parcels to the residence of a trusted friend, neighbor, or family member who stays housebound on most weekdays.
  • Demand signature confirmation: For high-value or sensitive deliveries insist on a signature confirmation requirement being placed with the shipping provider. This makes the courier legally obligated to hand the package directly to you or another authorized individual, never leaving it unattended.
  • Employ Amazon Key: This service enables Amazon couriers to gain one-time access to deposit boxes inside your home securely. The delivery person is granted a temporary smart lock code to briefly unlock the door and place the parcel inside, out of sight.
  • Use Amazon Lockers: With this free service, have your Amazon purchases delivered to a secure locker location rather than your porch. You will be emailed a pickup code to open the locker and collect your packages at your convenience. Lockers are situated in accessible areas like malls, convenience stores, and supermarkets.
  • Seek neighborly assistance: A trusted neighbor can be designated to take parcels from your doorstep into their home for safekeeping until you return. Offer to provide the same assistance to them when they are expecting important deliveries.
  • Opt for in-person pickup: For high-value deliveries, select in-store pickup at a postal outlet, UPS, or FedEx instead of home delivery. Retrieve online purchases directly from the distribution facility for maximum security and peace of mind.
WUUK vide wired doorbell monitering your package

How Do Home Security Systems Prevent Package Theft?

Modern home security systems leverage cutting-edge technologies to combat the scourge of package theft. They incorporate surveillance cameras and intelligent video doorbells to hinder thieves and provide incriminating evidence.

Installing security cameras positioned to view delivered packages can supply pivotal visual proof in the aftermath of theft. The captured footage aids police investigations by facilitating culprit identification. Realizing their actions are being recorded acts as a powerful deterrent, making criminals think twice before stealing. Optimally place cameras to monitor vulnerable entry points like driveways, walkways, and front door areas.

Intelligent video doorbells provide an extra layer of package security. When a delivery arrives within the doorbell camera's field of view, you receive an instant mobile notification with live footage from your phone. This allows you to remotely witness packages being delivered in real time and confirm precisely when they've been dropped off.

Built-in motion sensors trigger alerts when a thief attempts to abscond with parcels from your doorstep. A two-way intercom feature enables you to proactively monitor suspicious activity and even vocally confront package bandits through the doorbell camera's microphone.

Strategically installed security cameras provide backward-looking evidence, while smart doorbells deliver real-time visibility and preventative deterrence. Used together, these elements form a robust home security framework to protect against package pilfering. The technological insight brings peace of mind that your deliveries will remain secure.

Home Security Systems

The Best Home Security Systems for Package Theft

Homeowners seeking an advanced security solution to combat package theft should strongly consider top-rated security systems from WUUK: the WUUK Wireless Cam Pro and Wired Smart Doorbell 2K, both of which deliver cutting-edge features tailored to deterring porch piracy.

The Wireless Cam Pro provides crisp 2K resolution and a 130-degree field of view to capture every package delivery in sharp detail. Its wireless design and long-lasting rechargeable battery enable flexible placement overlooking high-risk porch areas. Two-way audio allows live monitoring and vocal warnings to suspicious visitors from your phone. The cam also boasts color night vision, a spotlight, a siren alarm, and intelligent motion detection specifically tuned to identify people.

Complementing the Wireless Cam Pro, the Wired Smart Doorbell 2K adds AI-powered facial recognition to distinguish expected couriers from unknown visitors. It provides 24/7 continuous recording or customizable event-based capture modes to document all package arrivals. Local storage options keep video secure without recurring monthly fees. The included chime amplifies notifications throughout your home when a delivery has arrived.

Crucially, both the Wireless Cam Pro and Wired Doorbell 2K install in minutes with minimal tools or wiring expertise required. WUUK's user-friendly app centralizes control of all connected devices.

With best-in-industry 2K resolution, smart detection, flexible power, and easy DIY installation, WUUK's Wireless Cam Pro and Wired Smart Doorbell 2K represent the ideal all-in-one systems to deter porch piracy. Investing in these intelligent security solutions provides peace of mind knowing your packages will remain protected.


With online shopping and deliveries now integral to our lifestyles, package theft is a growing nuisance impacting homes across America. Advanced home security systems deter thieves and provide video evidence to catch and prosecute the culprits. Strategically placed outdoor cameras, smart doorbells, and motion sensors form a formidable tech barrier against package bandits. Home delivery is meant to be convenient, not stressful. The right security system helps prevent porch pirates from ruining the experience.

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