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15 Locations to Install Security Cameras Around Your Home

by Wuuk Labs 15 Aug 2023

Safety and security are paramount in every home. With the advent of advanced technology, we have a wide array of security cameras at our disposal, making it easier to safeguard our homes. Particularly, the advent of solar security cameras presents an energy-efficient solution that's both economical and environmentally friendly. This comprehensive guide will discuss 15 specific locations around a typical American home where installing a security camera would be beneficial.

Front Door Camera

Front Door

The front door is usually the first point of contact for any visitor, welcome or not. Around 34% of burglars use the front door as a point of entry, making a security camera installation here pivotal. Instead of placing it directly above the door, install the camera at a second-floor height or within the eave of your roof. This height not only deters burglars from tampering with the camera but also offers a wider view to monitor deliveries, greet guests, and identify any suspicious activity. A doorbell camera with facial recognition can help distinguish between known family and friends and potential intruders. Additional features such as motion detection can send alerts when someone approaches, while two-way communication allows you to interact without opening the door.

Back Door

Despite being out of sight, back doors account for 22% of home break-ins. Position a camera above the door to cover both the door and the adjacent yard. Look for cameras with infrared night vision to ensure clear footage even when it's dark. Solar-powered security cameras are an excellent option here, utilizing sunlight for power and reducing the need for electrical wiring. With their energy-efficient operation and minimal maintenance, solar cameras not only provide reliable surveillance but also contribute to eco-friendly living.

Garage and Driveway

Garages are attractive to burglars, housing valuable items like cars, bicycles, and power tools. In addition, some garages provide direct access to the home, making them a potential point of entry. Install a camera high on the garage's exterior wall, angled to cover the driveway and the street beyond. This broad view can help detect suspicious vehicles, capture license plate numbers, and track individuals approaching your home. A solar security camera, taking advantage of abundant sunlight in such outdoor areas, can deliver reliable performance with lower energy costs.

First-Floor Windows

Around 23% of home burglaries involve a first-floor window. Install cameras above these windows, especially those that aren't easily visible from the street. If a burglar tries to access your home via these windows, the camera will record the act. A camera with a wide field of view ensures maximum coverage, while night vision capabilities enable clear footage in low-light conditions. Also, a camera with remote viewing capabilities allows you to monitor your property from anywhere, anytime, enhancing your home security.

High-definition Wireless Outdoor Camera


Secluded and often shaded, backyards can attract unwanted trespassers. Install a solar security camera high on the back wall of your house, adjusted to cover as much of the yard as possible. These cameras can run efficiently, harnessing the available sunlight for power, making them eco-friendly and maintenance-free. This allows you to monitor children and pets and identify potential intruders. Look for a weather-resistant model that can withstand the elements for uninterrupted surveillance.

Side Gates

Side gates, if not adequately secured, can offer a quick and inconspicuous entry to burglars. Position cameras to cover these gates and the pathways leading to them. In sunny locations, solar-powered cameras can effectively operate while conserving energy. These cameras not only capture anyone sneaking in but can also trigger alerts on detecting motion, thus enhancing the overall security of your property.

Swimming Pool

Beyond burglary prevention, safety incidents around swimming pools are a real concern. A camera covering the pool area can help prevent unauthorized access and monitor for potential safety issues. Waterproof and weather-resistant cameras are ideal, capable of withstanding humid conditions and potential water splashes. They can also help you ensure that pool usage rules are followed, preventing accidents and damage.

Off-Street Windows

Off-street windows are ideal targets due to their hidden nature. Installing cameras overlooking these windows can capture anyone lurking around or attempting a break-in. Cameras equipped with motion sensors and night vision can capture clear footage of any suspicious activity, while their visible presence can act as a deterrent to potential intruders.

Basement Stairs or Hatchway

A basement entry, especially if concealed, can be an inviting prospect for intruders. It's crucial to place a camera here, ensuring it has a clear view of the stairs or hatchway. A camera with motion detection can send real-time alerts to your smartphone if movement is detected, allowing you to act promptly.

A Beautiful Girl Monitor home by View APP for WUUK Home Security Camera

Home Office

The shift towards remote working has led to home offices becoming a storehouse for expensive electronics and sensitive data. Place a camera within the room that covers the entire space, particularly focusing on the entrance and windows. A camera with a wide field of view and high-resolution recording capabilities can provide comprehensive coverage, enabling you to safeguard your valuable assets even in your absence. A camera with two-way audio can allow you to communicate with anyone who enters the room, adding another level of security.

Living Room

Living rooms generally contain pricey electronics, such as smart TVs, audio systems, gaming consoles, and often, family heirlooms and expensive decor. As a result, they're attractive to burglars. Placing a security camera in a high corner of the room provides an overview of all activities, offering a comprehensive record of anyone entering the space. To avoid blind spots, the camera should be angled to cover all entrances, windows, and significant areas of the room. A camera with a wide-angle lens can cover larger areas, reducing the number of cameras needed for full coverage. Features like motion detection can alert you to any movement, which is particularly useful during non-working hours or while you're away from home. For added convenience, consider a camera with remote access that allows you to monitor the living room from your smartphone, no matter where you are.

Stairways or Hallways

Stairways and hallways are critical transition points within a house, connecting various rooms. If an intruder does break into your home, they're likely to pass through these areas, making it a strategic location for a security camera. Position your camera to cover as much of the hallway or staircase as possible. Given that these areas can often be poorly lit, especially at night, select a camera with excellent low-light performance or night vision capabilities to ensure clear, usable footage around the clock. Motion detection features can also be beneficial here, sending alerts whenever movement is detected. Consider cameras with a sleek design that blends with the interior decor while still serving the primary purpose of security. A camera with two-way audio can enable you to communicate directly with family members moving around the house, adding another layer of convenience to your home security system.

Kid's Room Camera
Main Bedroom

Considered a hotspot for intruders due to potential valuables stored, the main bedroom must not be overlooked. Placing a camera here can protect assets like jewelry, cash, and high-value electronics. Install it discretely at an angle where it covers the entire room, focusing primarily on the entry points and large windows. An indoor camera with night vision ensures clear footage even in dim lighting. It's crucial to remember, while placing a camera in personal spaces, that it is done with the consent of all occupants and is set to respect privacy during non-alert times.

Nursery or Kid's Room

When it comes to safeguarding our children, we leave no stone unturned. Adding a camera in your child's room allows for constant monitoring, especially during their vulnerable sleeping hours. Models with sound detection can alert you when your baby wakes up, while those with two-way audio allow you to soothe your baby without entering the room. Look for cameras that offer high-resolution video for clear image quality. To protect your child's privacy, consider models that can be set to "sleep mode" when not needed.


Our kitchens are home to a variety of high-value appliances and often have multiple entrance points, making them potential targets. Position your camera to oversee the entire kitchen, including entrances and windows. Ensure the camera captures a wide angle, including the stove and oven, to monitor potential fire hazards. A camera with smoke detection capabilities can add another level of safety.

Kitchen Camera


Strategic positioning of security cameras at the 15 critical locations discussed can significantly enhance your home security system. Whether you opt for solar security cameras or their traditional counterparts, it's vital to choose cameras with the right features for each location. Prioritize areas with the most vulnerability and ensure every part of your property is monitored. Remember, a good security system does not just protect your home but also offers peace of mind. Always re-evaluate and upgrade your security measures as necessary, keeping abreast with the latest technologies and trends. Your home is your sanctuary, and every step taken towards enhancing its security is a stride towards maintaining its sanctity.

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